Victoria Lindgren

Victoria Lindgren

If you want to know everything about Brazil, its dating culture, traditions, and the character of Brazilian people, you should hire an author from Brazil. That was a 100% decision right for us, and we’re happy that we found Ms. Victoria Lindgren on Facebook—now she is our best insider!
Victoria migrated to the US recently—only 3 years ago, when she was 25. She graduated from the Federal University of Minas Gerais and entered the Work and Travel program just because she wanted to travel a bit before she started building her career. She says that that year was not the easiest one but she understood that the US was the country she wanted to live in. She got a visa and became a part-time waitress. The rest of the time she spent looking for at least a part-time job as a marketer, a content manager, or a content creator. Foreign customers paid less, and American companies didn’t want to hire a beginner, so Victoria had to work pretty hard to get a good portfolio. And she got it, and we’ve noticed it!
Our main demand was the ability to analyze tons of data, join and test different platforms and create comprehensive platforms. And we were absolutely happy to find a Brazilian who handled that task easily. Now we have a strict censor who hates stereotypes about Latinas and doesn’t let us post any false information. She’s now looking for a boyfriend in the US and says that having an opportunity to help other Brazilian women to find their American match is a great goal.

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