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What Is LatinFeels Dating Website? Detailed Review Of 2022

LatinFeels is an online dating platform where you can communicate with foreign girlfriends from Latin countries. This site has been around for a few years, during which it has gained great popularity and reputation. If you are looking for a place to have fun in the company of a real, legit, and beautiful Latin girlfriend, you can be sure that Latin Feels will be that place. In this article, we want to tell you what you can do on this site, how much your journey can cost, what kind of dates use this site, and many more!

What kind of features can you use on LatinFeels?

LatinFeels main

Any online dating site has its core, and it is usually communication. A dating site is designed to help you interact and chat with beautiful and single girls from other countries, so it is essential for a platform to have great tools for communication. While LatinFeels services are not perfect, they are effective, convenient, and easy to use. Please, take a closer look at features that you can use on the LatinFeels dating website.


Just like any modern dating website, the main form of communication here is messages. You can choose from live chatting and emails. Live chatting is more common since it is quicker, but people say it requires more money than emails. Indeed, communication here is fee-based, so if you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you should consider using emails. Letters are less effective since you won’t get an immediate response, but they allow you to convey more detailed messages to your dates. Unfortunately, video or audio-based communication is absent here, which is a shame as online dating greatly benefits from these two options.

Search for Latin girlfriends

Search for Latin girlfriends

While communication is the core of any online dating site, you need to find a suitable girlfriend before you start chatting with her. And to achieve that, you can use several tools available on the website. First, you can manually browse through the LatinFeels dating website and pick profiles of girls you like. There is nothing wrong with such an approach, except for the fact that you may spend a lot of time opening profiles of girls that might not be perfect for you.

You can use other options that can significantly improve your effectiveness. Searching filters can help you specify what kind of girl you are looking for. Just select certain qualities and features of your potential date, and look through the results. If you don’t want to define a perfect date for you, you can try matchmaking, which is a system that analyzes your profile and search history and offers you a selection of girls that might be suitable for you. It may not be exactly precise, but it is quick and rather effective.

Lastly, try ‘Newsfeed.’ It is a newly added feature that allows you to view posts made by girls. These posts can include text and photos. You may like a photo of a girl or the thing that she wrote, so you can quickly open her profile or start chatting with her right away. It is a rather neat feature that can help you find a great date.

Advanced options

It is also essential to speak about a few advanced options available on the site. First, you can send gifts and flowers to your ladies. You can also request personal info, organize a real-life date, and interact with a date with winks. It is not much, but it allows you to diversify your online dating experience.

How much does it cost to find a date on LatinFeels?

date cost on LatinFeels

When considering looking for a Latin girlfriend online, you need to know that it is not expensive. However, some people think that since online dating is not a real-life date, it should be free at all. Well, no, online dating is not free, even though there are some sites that don’t have fee-based options. Communication and interaction on LatinFeels require you to spend some money, but it won’t be too expensive. The site uses a credit-based system, which is a system that converts your money into credits that you spend on various tools. Here are the current prices for credit packages:

  • $19.99 — 50 credits
  • $44.99 — 125 credits
  • $69.99 — 250 credits
  • $149.99 — 750 credits

Upon registration, you will be given 20 complimentary credits. Moreover, the first 20 credits that you buy will cost $2.99 instead of $9.99.


Now you know that your time on LatinFeels is going to be enjoyable, fun, and diverse. This site is very simple but effective, which is everything that online dating experiences should be. You will find hundreds of girlfriends from Latin countries here who are ready and eager to communicate with foreigners. If you are looking for a date, you will find plenty of candidates!


How to avoid getting scammed on Latin Feels?

All you need to do is avoid sending money to girls directly. While the administration does everything they can to block fraudulent accounts, some girls may be scammers. But, all they would want from you is your money, so you should remember never to send them.

Is registration difficult on the LatinFeels dating site?

No, registration is rather quick, and you can create an account in less than 5 minutes.

How many girls can I find?

While the exact statistics are not available, you can expect to have at least 500 active girlfriends at any given time.

Do I need to verify my account?

No, you are not required to verify your account, although after registration, you can verify your email address, which will give you more security.

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